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My name is Stefan van Dijk. I am currently living in The Netherlands, in the city Zwolle. I graduated with a degree in both Architecture and Construction Engineering.

Early 2017 I decided that I want to promote myself among others through this site. Every day I show a part of myself. If I see a good chance I would like to take it. Looking for a new challenge in my life.

But first let me tell you briefly what I have done in recent years.

After obtaining my degrees, I created my own company; Cre83D. Through this, I had immersed myself in the design and manufacturing of 3D prints and furniture. I also created websites and produced graphic design.

With the diverse knowledge gained at school and through my own personal business, I became inspired. With this inspiration came ideas, and with these ideas I became determined. In March 2014, I used this determination to change telecommunication for the better. I designed an application that can completely change how we communicate with others. These new developments and ideas have brought me to shift my attention away from other projects and focus solely on my new company. I gave my company the name Sharon, which stands for share on.

This application is designed for the people, by the people. Communication makes our human kind for what we are. It is crucial for people to share ideas and solutions, and together we can create the best result.

After the kickstarter campaign failed, I’ve just moved on and am completely stopped end of 2016.

I am a designer

I found out that besides that I like to think solution-oriented, I like to be innovative. In short, I am a designer.

Working with people is what kept me in the hospitality industry in recent years. but after termination of the companies ‘Cre83d’ and ‘Sharon’ I’m looking for a new challenge. A new challenge where I can use my skills to achieve great results

  • CREËREN 90%
  • HELPEN 74%

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